We will endeavour to make an impact on the lives of clients we serve and entrepreneurs we support. Only then will we obtain a sense of pride and find meaning in our work.


Long term orientation

The principle driver of our success is an investment approach that focuses on long term outcomes. Hence, all our actions will be aligned to deliver on this goal. Recognizing the role of luck in our success, we will remain humble, neither celebrating short term outperformance nor becoming defensive if we underperform in the short term.


Insight and Independence

We will learn from the experience of others. However, we will not be shackled to existing beliefs. History will be a guide, not a template.



We will never trade our reputation for commercial gain. Our client interests will always be primary to our interests.



Our work culture will provide freedom of expression and encourage debate. We will treat all our stakeholders with respect, irrespective of their status.



A current favourite of mine is a language for manipulating and displaying statistical data, r, so named because it is derived from a language called s

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