An active engagement is core to our process. We will work with you before we invest on a strategic road map and revisit that periodically. We will debate constructively when our thought process differs. We do appreciate that in building a new business, things seldom go as per original plan. You can count on us to support you through tough moments as a true partner.

Our key differentiator vs. VC funds is our long term view. Most funds negotiate a mandatory period within which companies need to provide them an exit as they need to return capital to investors. We don’t have any such compulsions and hence will have more flexibility on exit.


What are we looking for

  • Novel concepts/products/services or a significant improvement on an existing solution which can make a step change in improving people’s lives and which are scalable
  • Some traction. Eg – a prototype.
  • Companies with more than one promoter; preferably 2- 3; No a**!holes (mean people don’t win)
  • A return on the investment with upside commensurate with risk
  • Opportunity to learn from smart people


What you can expect from us

  • Significant debate pre-investment to create alignment on way forward
  • 50 Lacs to 1 Cr initial investment and if we are working well as partners, additional follow on investments as the venture makes progress
  • Fairness to promoters (no unfair clauses in agreements)
  • Collaborative engagement process with special focus on strategic and financial issues; we will show you a financial mirror on the implications of your proposed actions
  • A well considered point of view in the event we need to deviate from original plan
  • Responsiveness – pre and post investment
  • Access to our professional network and family office support system
  • No pressure on early exit



  • Speed
  • Long term view


What do we expect in return

  • To be treated fairly as a co-owners and partners of your business.
  • Professional courtesy of regular MIS and updates
  • Board/observer seat for governance and learning agenda
  • An open mind to listen to our point of view; especially when things are not going as per plan


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