9 reasons not to work with us

Among the largest determinants of an Asset Manager’s success is the “quality” of capital they manage: aligned philosophy, patient. It is important you don’t choose us if you are not convinced about how we operate.

    • 1

      You are unwilling to spend time understanding our beliefs and approach but are only interested in outcomes.


    • 2

      Your definition of long term is 1 year.


    • 3

      You can’t stomach a stock market decline of up-to 25%.


    • 4

      You want someone who can time the markets.


    • 5

      You benchmark our performance to other advisors rather than the index.


    • 6

      You are unwilling to agree to a lock in investment period of at least 3 years where you will not withdraw the relationship.


    • 7

      You will act selectively on the Investment Advise while holding us accountable for results.


    • 8

      Your main concern is the fee we charge rather than the benefit you get.


    • 9

      You are unwilling to respect our privacy with families on weekends and after work hours.


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